back to btown

At the llama school,
Fleeces bundled against cold,
Classes start anew.

I finally moved back to Bloomington on Saturday, thanks to the help of a dude my mom met on the internet 15 years ago.  They used to play Dragon Realms, a text-based adventure game, back in the day.  The guy's name is Alvin, but his screen name has always been Bowly, so my mom couldn't help but call him that.  :P  Anyway, he's a great guy, and he helped me move all my junk to Bloomington.

I'm loving my new house!  The boys who live here (Chas, Patrick, Dan, and Sam) have dubbed it the Llama School after a weird sock puppet show that aired on MTV a long time ago.  My room is on the one-and-a-halfth floor, and it's got a built in shelfy thing and a window on the east and a window on the west.  It is just the right size for my desk, double bed, bike, and a random beanbag I claimed from the room's most recent former denizen.  I need some more decorations, though, I think... I want to simplify life this semester since I'm moving out of this place so shortly, but I don't know if I can stay in a place with plain white walls.  :-/  It's fabulous to live with people who cook, though!  Last night we had grilled tofu marinated in orange juice, garlic, and other yummy things along with grilled eggplant and veggie shishkebabs.  HUZZAH for living with vegetarians.

Classes so far seem like they'll be fun.  I think I'm going to super-like my topology professor: the first thing he did was write the epsilon-delta definition of continuity on the board, ask us if we like it, and tell us that if we do we are in the wrong class and should go to analysis instead.

My networks class is going to be fun, I think, too.  I had the delight of answering "a series of tubes" when asked "what is the Internet?" in a serious context.  I was shocked that there were ~40 people in the class, though.  That's the second-largest class I've ever been in.

Piano will be interesting.  I'm happy that I have at least basic knowledge of what the heck to do; there was a girl in my class who didn't know where middle C was, so I suspect that we won't be flying along at any pace I can't handle.

In social news, I've been keeping busy since I came.  Thabang, Brett, and Roy took me out in Bloomington for the first time; we went to Bear's Place for Comedy Caravan, which was good fun.  I've also gotten a chance to go sailing with my new roommates and Perry, and to go ghost hunting with Roy and Chet.  Play practice yesterday was good, and I'm excited for the performance next Friday.  :D



wasting time

Time already spent
Cannot be spent again, so
Use it to play games!

Maybe that isn't always the best strategy, but it's okay when you're at home and waiting to move to school. My dad recently got a game called Alien Arena, which is pretty awesome. It's based on the engine for oldskool games like Quake II, released by id. I wonder if free, open-source games will have a heyday again... I miss Doom 3D. ;____;

Other time wasters that I've been turned on to recently: - a weird puzzle-game that may or may not drive you nuts - this actually wasn't recent, but this quiz is kind of awesome :D - a frame-by-frame violence generator that generates hilarious videos.


hello, new blog

A tough time awaits,

But we'll see soon if there is
Time for new blog posts.
As I mentioned in my last blog, this semester is going to suck hugely. But it'll all seem worth it (I hope) when I get to December and GET MY FECKING DEGREES, Y'ALL.
With that, welcome to the new blog, etc., etc., and wish me luck!