en route

Trotting this globe thing
As far as the sun reaches,
I search for ...

Got that?  It's an interactive blog post.  You get to choose how my haiku ends.  :P  You get two syllables.

So right now I'm chillin in YOW (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).  I bid a fond farewell to Olex, Julius, and Patrick at O'Hare today, as well as to my grandparents and aunt and their dogs at the house this morning.  I said goodbye to Bloomington and the Llama school yesterday, and my parents the day before that.  It's a sad time.  :(

I did get my visa, though, which was supremely exciting.  I've never had a nifty sticker in my passport before!  I'll post a photo of it on CERNtainly, which I have decided will be my new blog (thanks, Venus!).  I also have met some kind people already on this trip: a woman who was seriously jonesing for cigarettes (which she had been denied since entering LAX this morning at 10 a.m.) and gave me and a girl from Mexico headed to college a little cheer; a security worker who told me that in French they say, "Simple is fashionable," and that I was dressed very nicely; bag throwers (I didn't actually meet them) who ensured that my bag was THE FIRST ONE OFF THE CAROUSEL FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (BEST DAY OF MY LIFE); and a little girl who gave me a big, bright smile when I was just getting bummed out about leaving everyone.

Agh!  There are so many adventures to report!

The trip to Chicago?  Great success!  We watched the fireworks at Navy Pier for the New Year and rode home in a limo first thing in 2010, and we spent some time in the fabulous Museum of Science and Industry and famous Gino's.  There was also city exploring and German card games and random fun.

After that?  I brought Julius and Olex back to Columbus, we saw Avatar and my friends from high school (hi, guys!), then headed to the Llama School to hang out with Patrick, Roy, Thabang, Sean, and Amethyst.  They experienced caving (Patrick and Roy, too; also photos of that should appear on Sean's Flickr page soon) and Torchwood, and we did karaoke and general hanging out.  We also had some fun adventures just cleaning the clothes from caving; they'd frozen into amusing shapes.

Anyway, this is it for this blog, y'all.  University was a blast.



happy new year

And what about you?
Did you get it all done?  Did
You leave your year pleased?

It was a successful year.  10 countries, 2 degrees, dozens of new friends, 21 years of age, 365 adventures...  thanks a lot, you guys.